Harian · July 27, 2021

Queensland in policy change to go after safer gambling

Lawyer-General Shannon Fentiman states Queensland will shift from promoting ‘responsible gambling’ to pursuing ‘safer gambling’.

Authorities are aiming to lower the affect of gambling on people’s lives in the point out by means of a four-12 months hurt minimisation prepare, which may perhaps incorporate more powerful regulation and far more tension on gambling operators to appear after their customers.

New surveys suggest that about 70% of Queenslanders gamble, and although Fentiman claims that only a small proportion of that whole may well have a gambling issue, she thinks that all gamblers have to be shielded.

“There is no doubt that gambling is a intricate social difficulty that not only impacts the gambler themself, but their spouse and children, workplace and the wider community,” explained Fentiman.

“The harm can also have a ripple effect across all facets of daily life – with relationships, mental wellbeing and finances slipping victim.”

Liquor and Gaming Commissioner Victoria Thomson added sizeable development has previously been realized in this area in the state, but emphasises that there is continue to a lot more that can be completed. Thomson noted that early identification of possible challenge gamblers is vital when blocking harm.

“We will need to broaden our emphasis beyond ‘the issue gambler’ and concentrate our focus on stopping hurt right before it takes place by figuring out all those at threat and intervening early,” said Thomson.

“Significant function has previously been finished to reduce and minimise gambling-related hurt in Queensland, but I also know that by shifting concentrate, acknowledging new traits and systems and functioning as a team we can go so a lot even more to safeguard individuals.”